The Route

The 7 iron distance triathlons over 7 days will start at Lands End and finish at John O’Groats. As each day’s event will be approximately 140.6 miles I will be starting day two  approximately 140.6 miles away from where I started on day one and so on.

In total the distance will be approximately 980 miles.

Here are the basics of the 7 stages. I will break them down into the individual parts in due course:

Day 1 Lands End – Barnstaple (Sea Swim)

Day 2 Barnstaple – Cheltenham (River Swim)

Day 3 Cheltenham – Rotherham (Lido Swim)

Day 4 Rotherham – Tynemouth (Pool Swim)

Day 5 Tynemouth – Dunfermline (Sea Swim – Home Venue)

Day 6 Dunfermline – Moy (Swim Venue TBC)

Day 7 Moy – John O’Groats (Loch Swim)



4 thoughts on “The Route”

  1. The A30 is a 70 mph dual carrageway, and though people do cycle on it I wouldn’t it is so dangerous. I definitely wouldn’t run on it. There are lots of other route options.

    1. I had it on fairly good authority that it was ok? I wouldn’t be alone in that I would be with a support vehicle and another cyclist. I take your point about running it though. Will look again at this route. Thanks for your help.

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7 Iron Mans in 7 Days – Lands End to John 0'Groats

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