Sports Nutrition


I make no secret of how ‘in love’ with this stuff I am. It has changed me as an ‘athlete’. From the very first testing back in late 2013 the results were almost instant. I had tried other products beforehand but have never taken to them for one reason or another. Some of them seem to have no effect, others have bloated me and some haven’t worked out for my tastebuds. Most people involved in sport at all levels will agree that eating and drinking properly is key to a good race/training session and subsequent recovery. The body requires a complex mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, sugars and minerals in order to function and to give us the energy we need to blast through our sessions. The way this is delivered varies from product to product. If you have the time and patience you could find much of what you need in natural foods but getting the quantities right and carrying it around with you may not be as easy as you’d think. Some nutrition comes in the form of juices, snack bars, tablets and ‘shakes. These are often preferred by sports people as they are portable, scientifically blended and easy to consume.

Elivar - Tailored Sports Nutrition for the Over 35's There are 3 different products in the Elivar range. Prepare, Endure and Recover. They are in easy mix powder form and mixed with water in a pro-shaker takes only 30 seconds. Prepare and Recover are both available as Strawberry and Chocolate flavour shakes whilst the Endure Orange and Mango flavour is soon to be joined by a Watermelon alternative. This is also a shake but has a smoother, easily drinkable consistency which is ideal to consume during a workout – more like a juice than a milkshake. I often mix this and pour into a Camelback type bag to drink whilst I’m running. Some other products frothed up too much which made them gassy. Elivar Sports Nutrition

With my first ever test I had a 13 mile run planned. I drank 500ml of Prepare about an hour before and set off with over a litre of Orange and Mango Endure in my back pack. Such was the effectiveness of the products together that I continued running and clocked up 17.5 miles in total. If I had the time I would have gone further as I felt very strong. That brings me on to the unique selling point of Elivar. It is the first sports nutrition product to be specifically designed for the over 35’s. As we age our bodies can take longer to recover and can suffer from the spikes and drops that high GI (Glucose Index) products provide. Ultimately these sugars will be stored as fat if they are not used. Elivar products are designed for the way that our bodies change when into and past our 30’s. I will no doubt have other occasion to refer to Elivar throughout my challenges and would be happy to talk to anyone who wants more information on how the products help me. For more information or to request your FREE SAMPLE visit the Elivar Homepage Jason Roberts is fuelled by Elivar


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