This is your chance to become part of the #7days7irons challenge. Dive in to one of the swim legs, pedal on part of the bike route or dash along to one of the marathon runs.

If you have been inspired so far by the challenge of 7 iron distance triathlons in 7 days then why not join in for part of the event. At the same time you will be helping worthwhile charities and you can say ‘I was there’. So…are you going to join #Team7Swim #Team7Cycle or #Team7Run ? And, if you want to be part of the buzz but don’t want to get involved in the real thing you can still join the team…read on to find out how…

Go for STANDARD membership and you can join one of the teams without being part of the main #7days7irons challenge. Join Now and you will get:

  • Membership to one of #Team7Swim, #Team7Cycle or #Team7Run an online and real life community of like-minded, active people
  • Exclusive Discounts to Swim, Bike, Run related Products & Services
  • Priority Challenge Updates and Regular Newsletters
  • Discounted Entry to Virtual #Team7Tri Events (Coming Soon) – You WILL NOT want to miss out on this!! Who will win? The swimmers, the cyclists or the runners? Compete for Real anywhere in the world!
  • ————————————————————————————-

    Or, Go for ULTRA Membership if you want to join part of the #7days7irons Challenge!! Join NOW and get all of this:

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7 Iron Mans in 7 Days – Lands End to John 0'Groats

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