Making Light Work of Running in the Dark

Those of you who follow my exploits will know that not only are the early mornings and late nights the best opportunities for me to train but I also prefer it. I love the quiet and the cool that each end of the day offers. One of the challenges of running at these times, especially as we head towards winter, is the lack of light. Some roads and pavements are well lit but others parts of my running terrain are in darkness. I often run on the beach or sections of trail and these areas are almost always void of any real light. So, when I got the opportunity to try the Unilite PS-H8 Prosafe Headlight I was keen to see how it could shed some real light on this situation.


Run 1: 16 miles. Mostly pavement and roads with some small trail, small beach sections and Tynemouth to North Shields Promenade.

Initially the light, battery case and strapping felt heavy in the hand but the weight distribution meant that after a small amount of time I couldn’t feel it and forgot it was there. The kit had a snug fit with quick and easily adjustable straps. I’ve found with other head torches that there was a lot of bouncing around or movement due to sudden head movements but I had no issues at all with this set up. The light and battery pack remained completely still and in place every step of the way.

The lights are very easy to control and adjust on the move with raised rubber buttons for ease.

The LED lamp offers a brilliantly bright beam. Even the lowest brightness setting, of which there were 3, was bright enough for the most part. A focus wheel also made the pool of light small or widely dispersed which is a great feature to have and I found myself widening the angle when in unfamiliar territory just so I could see more of the surrounding area.

The spot also easily adjusts upwards and downwards depending on whether you want the beam mainly at your feet or into the near distance.

With winter coming up I will be wearing this more and more. It’s not always needed especially in built up areas but it does give that extra comfort and level of security. A red LED on the battery pack at the rear is a great feature and will mean you are clearly seen by motorists, cyclists and fellow runners.

I have used a few different lights over the last 12 months from a budget ‘pound shop’ headlight which, even at £1 was overpriced, to some more expensive models. For my money though this pretty much has it all – brightness, comfort, adjustability, sturdiness and did I mention it looks good as well! If you run in the dark get your hands on one of these.

Great for running and cycling where night vision or visibility is important. Light, comfortable, adjustable and very bright.

You should: BUY IT

I will keep using the light during the winter and will update this section to talk about things like battery life and durability including how it performs in adverse weather.

To buy the Unilite Headlight CLICK HERE

Or visit their website HERE


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