Business Networking Event Gets Up and Running Thanks to Twitter

When I first started tweeting about my #7days7irons challenge I was followed by @TweetNLand – Tweet Northumberland. The support I have had from them has been fantastic. They have put me in touch with people and businesses locally that it may have taken me months to contact and the feedback for my #7days7irons event has been astounding. So, I’m hugely grateful for this.

So, when Tweet Northumberland asked if I would get involved with a Business Expo and Networking event at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel I immediately said yes. No problem I thought. Stand about a bit, converse with business people about my challenge an perhaps give a short talk. It was the least I could do. Never did I stop to think that they would want to strap a camera to my head and relay the pictures to a big screen at the hotel whilst I run a half marathon distance from my home in Tynemouth to the hotel! For some reason I agreed.

As I write this post I am sitting on a coach on my way to London to take part in the 2014 Marathon. I will be 1 in tens of thousands, a mere blip on the streets of the capital. On July 3rd 2014 however the pressure will be on me to get to the venue before the vol au vents and canapés go dry. Now that’s pressure!

On a serious note, @TweetNLand is a virtual networking account. Almost faceless in many respects as Twitter often is. But it’s aim and something which I feel it does brilliantly is to engage local businesses in a more social way. Specifically a 1 hour slot is opened up between 8pm and 9pm on Sunday evenings for businesses to promote themselves and other businesses, products and services. The hashtag* #tweetnorthumberland is used in tweets to help locate and identify those who are involved.

Currently @TweetNLand has just under 2500 followers made up of businesses and customers.

The event itself will be an opportunity for all those who have interacted in the twittersphere to meet in a relaxed atmosphere, talk business and make more new connections. Twitter is a brilliant to communicate but sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough. You can’t replace a good old chinwag can you?

So, will you be there? The #tweetnmeet event starts at 5pm on Thursday 3rd July and you can watch me huff and puff my way to the venue from the outset. If you’re the first person to shake my hand when I arrive, mine’s a pint!

For more information make sure you’re following @TweetNLand on Twitter

We haven’t been able to find a reliable enough way to broadcast live images on the go and outside broadcasting facilities were to expensive. Instead I will attempt to tweet updates as I run. These regular updates will be displayed on the big screen instead. <<>>

*= If you don’t know what a hashtag is #wherehaveyoubeenhiding


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