What is Effect of Missing Sessions Before a Marathon?

With months of training in the legs, how crucial is missing 4 training sessions in the fortnight before the London Marathon?

I hope it makes no difference whatsoever!! With about a week and a half to go I will find out very soon.

However, I know one thing already. It may or may not have any physical effect. My legs feel good, I’m injury free and I’m healthy. But it’s that niggling little voice that’s the problem. The one that says “Well, you missed a couple of important runs there. They were as important as all the others because they were part of the plan. Now your plan won’t work at all. You’re doomed! Doomed I tell you. Moohaha!”

It create a rather unpleasant, slightly hollow feeling that makes me nervous!

The sensible part of my brain says It will be fine and that it’s just pre-marathon nerves and so it is this that I have to focus on. It is nerves, a great big nest of butterflies (do butterflies live in nests?).

No doubt if I hadn’t missed the training sessions I would still feel nervous even if at a lesser level. It’s at times like this I think it must be easier to collect stamps or build model aeroplanes!!

So, do missed sessions really make a difference?

I’ll tell you in a couple of weeks time.

If you’re running the London Marathon, the Brighton Marathon or any others over the next couple of weeks I wish you all the very best. Try not to be too nervous!!


Jason Roberts


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