Update – March 2014

This year is going so quickly! I can’t believe it’s almost April. Summer 2015 will be here before I know it and I’ll be bobbing silently and still in the sea off Lands End wondering what the hell I’m doing and how I’m going to complete this enormous challenge.

I’m thinking about #7days7irons more and more. There is so much to do in the time available and rather than worry about the swimming, cycling and running I’m starting to get nervous about the organisation of the whole thing. Relying on free help, support, equipment and services is foolish and certainly not to be recommended. It’s harder than you think.

I was very fortunate at the start of this process, Elivar, Barclays and Blueseventy have all stepped in to support me and it’s great that they have. Because they all came along at about the same time I thought “this is easy, everyone wants to help”, but in reality I am sending emails, writing letter, making calls and using Social Media to its fullest. The support will come, I am confident of it, albeit a little nervous. As a man of limited (very limited) financial means this challenge cannot happen without the kindness of others.

The same can be said for fundraising. For all I’m looking to raise £50,000 by the time I cross the finish line in John O’Groats next year I’m splitting this into smaller amounts every time I do smaller challenges. For example, I’m running the London Marathon in April and have set myself a conservative target of £500. It’s now getting towards the end of March and I’m not even close. There are so many of us after your money for a million different sponsored events and challenges it’s hard to choose who to give to for what. Unfortunately this is making us immune to pleas of help and we quickly scroll past adverts and donation requests looking for the next viral video or funny picture. So, raising money will be as challenging as the event itself. That’s ok though. I love a challenge.

However, if you want to make things a little bit easier for me you can donate here www.virginmoneygiving.com/7days

If you have skills, offer a service of a product that you think will help me then become part of Team #7days7irons get in touch. Tap Here



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