Watch The Promo Video Here!

I’m delighted to announce the arrival of my Promo Video for the #7days7irons challenge (read this and then watch it below). I can’t thank my mate Ben Dickenson enough for writing, directing, editing and voicing this. He did it in his own free time and at his cost, mind, he knows if he hadn’t I would have de-friended him instantly! Also, big thanks to Howard who did the camera work. I’m over the moon that I also managed to get my wife and children in, even if only for split seconds. No, I didn’t hire models, they are my real family. Finally, thanks to the anonymous surfer at the end who’s timing was fantastic!

Watch and enjoy and remember it was filmed on the coldest day of the year so far, there was frost and ice on the beach and I nearly froze to death (I didn’t because I’m as made of stronger stuff – just saying)! With that in mind please, please, please share this post/page/video with your Twitter and Facebook friends and if you have a blog feel free to link to it from there. I really need to start pushing on with the promotion of my event and if you share it and talk about it you would’ve helped me raise the profile and in turn lots of funds for the 2 charities.

You can donate by tapping here




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