January Update

Jason Roberts #7days7irons

There is so much going on now that it is difficult to know where to start.

I now have a few events confirmed for 2014 with others pencilled in. Tap Here to see the diary so far. Hopefully by promoting my participation in events this year it will help me to kick start the fundraising effort. (Please click on a banner link to donate).


On Sunday 12th I was filming a promotional video which will be used in order to help sell the event to sponsors and to get people to donate. It will also be posted on this site and around the internet to show in video form exactly what #7days7irons is all about and what’s involved.

It was great fun to film albeit absolutely freezing cold. I’m used to swimming in the North Sea in the winter but as I never really got a chance to warm up and dry off properly before filming the bike and run it felt like my bones were frozen! Still, I finally thawed about 24 hours later. Thankfully my new training kit was finished off at the last minute so that I could proudly wear it during the promo shoot. A massive thanks to my supporters at Barclays Bank for providing the kit.

Film Crew

A massive thanks to  Howard and my best pal Ben Dickenson for braving the cold and wind. Can’t wait to see the finished result at the Première! A huge thank you also to my gorgeous wife and children who hung around all day in order to film their cameo appearances. x


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