Why Running Backwards Uphill is Good For You

Every so often the running catches up with me and my legs get really tired. Most of my routes include some pretty steep inclines and this wears me out even more. I quite like sprinting up steep hills but that really zaps my legs and can sometimes makes the rest of my run uncomfortable.

My solution is to run backwards up the hill! Not all the time but just sometimes. Does this help? Is there an anatomical explanation as to why this eases the tiredness in my calf muscles? Who knows. I’m sure someone will know the answer and I would be interested to hear it. But it’s the change in habit that works for me. It helps me to think a little differently and certainly muscles will be working in a different way.

Of course, I don’t do it a lot and I try to do it when no-one is around. Sometimes I will also do it on the flat and now and then I will run sideways.

Like the advice I have given in Running In Circles this kind of running keeps me, my mind and my body sharp and prevents boredom whilst running. Now all I need is to learn how to do wheelie’s on my road bike and swim a mile under water – jobs a good ‘un!

Do you run backwards? What do you do to keep your training fresh. I’d love to hear some weird and wonderful ways in which you all ‘mix it up’.

Whilst looking for an image for this post I came across so many references to backwards running! There are clubs and races and websites all dedicated to it. Amazing!


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