Elivar Sports Nutrition

Hurrah for Elivar!

I receive a lot of emails and direct messages from people and companies trying to sell me sports related products. I would love to take most of them up on what they are selling as largely, there are some great products and gadgets out there. However, I am a man of very humble means and do not have a budget for my challenge. I am relying on equipment that I already have and otherwise can beg, steal or borrow.

It is nice when companies send things to me, even if they are just samples to try. So I must just say a quick thanks to Elivar, who specialise in Sports Nutrition products for the over 35 market. They sent me some samples for a busy weekends worth of training and I really benefited from the tasty shakes and juice. Not a long time period in which to test something fully but great results in just a couple of days. After a 14 mile morning run I seemed to have bags of energy for the rest of the day where I would usually start to tail off around tea time!

Thanks Elivar!

Elivar Sports Nutrition www.elivar.com

If you or a company you own/work for would be interested in supporting me on my journey then I would love to hear from you. Contact Me.


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