Back on the Bike


On Saturday I got back on the bike for the first time in over a year! Actually Saturday was officially a rest day but I couldn’t sit still…as always!
I’ve got cycling coming up in my training soon so getting out on the bike was a good way to ease myself in.

I was over the moon when I realised that my bike fitness has not really suffered or declined at all. I was a few seconds down on my average pace but nowt to worry about. My running has obviously done me well.

Things I missed about Cycling;

– man and metal versus road
– the speed of riding with the wind at my back
– the feeling of transferring power through the pedals to the road
– freewheeling
-standing on the pedals
– pretending to be Greg LeMond in the Tour De France (it never gets dull)

Things I Don’t Miss about Cycling
– Some dreadful motorists
– clipping my feet into pedals at traffic lights on top of a hill
– the wind against me
– potholes – why do the local authority Tarmac all but the last couple of feet at the edge of the road?
– not having long enough to go where I want to go
– having an unreasonable panic about my front wheel falling off at 42mph, but still not slowing down!
– the aches and pains the morning after and the pins and needles in my right leg and foot during
– the paper thin, razor sharp saddle

I loved it!

So, it’s still a few weeks off on the training schedule but I truly can’t wait to get back in the saddle.


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