Is this Impossible


Sometimes my mind goes into overdrive and I start thinking of ‘what if’s’. This is, I’m certain, perfectly normal and should be expected.

As a hugely positive person I am usually able to set myself straight and talk myself back around to being fairly sensible. Other times it is not so easy.

I had a message off a pal a few days ago. He had been speaking about me to someone who’s response was “he might break his body permanently”. Now that’s a perfectly valid response and it is something I have genuinely considered. However it is something which I must not dwell on and I have faith in building my fitness to a much higher level.

I often get messages. Most of which are positive but there some doubters out there who would have me quit right now! If I listened to all of the negative messages I would have stopped as soon as I started.

Then, I come across stories like athlete Josef Ajram who set off to do 7 iron man events in 7 days on the Canary Islands only to have to call it off part way into day 2.

This is a man who is ultra fit and hugely experienced and he failed to complete the challenge. I’m an Estate Agent from Tynemouth who has never done an iron man and although I am getting fitter by the day I am no athlete. The chances of me completing this challenge are, at present, fairly slim. However, I have 2 full years to train and to focus my mind. I think the mental battle will be harder than the physical one, a theory that I have maintained from the start. As any of you who train and /or compete will testify, sometimes when the body is saying ‘I can’t take it anymore’ your positive attitude and focused mental state can over-rule and keep you going. I experienced this recently on a 17 mile run when after about 10 miles my legs were pounding and burning. I managed to focus my mind on a full iron man triathlon and the distances involved and told myself that the next few miles would be easy in comparison. It worked and when I arrived back home I felt, if anything, I could have gone on longer.

Lastly, this challenge for me is about endurance and stamina not speed. I am not racing anyone. I will naturally have to consider timings so that I have adequate sleep and preparation time between each day but getting round each days route steadily will be key so that I can keep the engine going for the following day. I’ve no doubt that I will want to beat my time each day but as each day will involve a completely new course with differing terrain I will have to keep a lid on my desire to compete with myself, a challenge in itself!

I will keep you posted along the way.

If you have any questions or comments please write them below or contact me. I always try to respond.


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