Cold Runnings!


As I write tonight I have just come in from an arduous, slow and short run brought about by my right calf muscle exploding, at least that’s what it felt like. Probably a lack of warming up and the fact that I had taken 3 days off from running.

That is the longest I’ve been without exercise for weeks and it was due, in part to a busy weekend but also a terrible cold which knocked me sideways for a good 48 hours.

However, I’m not sure that I should have worried too much about running with a cold. Now that I have largely recovered I have found a lot of genuine advice that suggests running with a cold may not be harmful and may not even affect performance at all! Apparently it all depends on the type of cold. The general consensus is that if the cold is above the neck then running is ok. Anything below that would indicate more of a respiratory ailment and so may do more harm than good.

So, perhaps a wasted couple of days which is a little annoying. Although 2 days in relative terms is not going to upset things too much.

Now I’m considering my running wardrobe for the colder months. I love wearing shorts as opposed to running leggings but, it gets to a stage where the muscles need to be kept warm in order to operate properly and to avoid injury. I’m also waiting for my new running jacket to turn up which will keep me warm up top!

Anyway, back up and running now which is great. The lesson I have learned is that I must warm up better first and stop being a wuss if I get a sniffle.

Do you or have you run with a cold or whilst being ill? What was your experience?

What is your Winter running wardrobe? Do you run in shorts all year round?

I’d love to hear your experiences. Please use the comments box below or tweet me @iamjasonroberts


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