Dark Thoughts

My training runs are either early morning around 6:00ish or at night anytime between 7:00 and 10:00. In the summer months this has meant cool runs as the sun is rising or setting. However as we enter Autumn and subsequently Winter both ends of the day are dark and getting colder.


I realised whilst on my evening run tonight that when I undertake the #7Days7Irons challenge I will be starting and finishing in complete darkness. I wonder how this will affect me mentally? It may not seem a big deal now but whilst my mind is fighting off pain and telling me to stop it will also be dark which could add to an already crushed mental state. It’s difficult to convey how things like this can influence how I feel whilst training and preparing but they are important and valid concerns.

There is also a sense of loneliness when running in the still, dark night. Fine when training close to home and running short 5 mile routes. I know that I’m not far from the comfort of home and also, everything is familiar, I know where I am. But when I’m running in a strange part of the country in the dark at 20 miles and my body and mind are wanting to quit I wonder how depressing the dark may be then.

Most swims are likely to be in swimming pools because of the route. However there will be a couple of open water swims, the first being on day one at Lands End. Now, I’m up for a challenge but swimming in the dark and in a very cold sea is very daunting. I hope to have a support boat alongside to spot for me and also to light the way. I am certain I couldn’t do the swim otherwise.

Throughout the whole challenge I will have support personnel to swim, cycle and run with me in shifts. So I won’t be alone. I’m sure that will be a huge motivation and hopefully lighten up the darkness at either end of the day and keep me going until I cross the finish line each day.

Do you prefer to run in the light or the dark? I’d love to read your comments.

Remember you can follow me on a daily basis on Twitter. Search for #7Days7Irons or look me up @iamjasonroberts

Thanks for reading and showing interest. If you think that what I’m doing is in anyway worthy could you ease use one of the links on my website to donate and help children from deprived families find a better life.


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