Taking No Notice

One of the biggest challenges that I’m facing in these early stages is getting a response from businesses that I am trying to get support from.

Now I know that these businesses must get requests on a daily basis from people like me who are seeking either funding or products/services in return for PR and brand exposure.

How does one stand out? I suppose that’s the key isn’t it? To make a big enough splash so that the businesses notice what I’m doing. The next hurdle will be to convince them that there is a benefit for them and that being part of #7Days7Irons will add value to their product or service.

So, that’s my struggle at the moment. Getting noticed. I’ve sent many emails and made phone calls but so far the best response has been “sounds interesting, that’s a huge challenge. We’ll let you know”.

But I am not put off. Quite the opposite. For me part of the excitement is the organisation and the administration of the challenge. If part of this is rejection then so be it. And with 2 years to go I still have plenty of time to raise profile and awareness.

If, by the way, you would like to get involved then click onto the contact tab and get in touch. It would be great to hear from you.


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