Running Well

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how, as I missed out on gaining entry into the Great North Run, I planned to do the distance anyway.

So, this morning at 6:30 in the chilly orange sunrise I headed out, with a Hydration pack and laid down a long and steady pace.

The weather changed for the worse after mile 7 and the rain and wind made an appearance. I don’t mind the rain, it keeps the heat down and thankfully the wind was blowing in my favour.

Now, last night I had carefully mapped out my run to just over 13.5 miles using Google Maps. The run ended up being 17.4 miles in total which was actually a pleasant surprise when I realised. I did feel like I had a little more gas in the tank and probably could have done another 3-5 miles at a push.

I had a niggle in my right knee which came and went from about mile 12 but then stayed with me for about the last mile and half.

In conclusion, this run felt very comfortable overall and was extremely motivating. I must remember to sort out a new playlist on my iPhone for my next long run and to check my trainers before I put them on so that I don’t run the full course with a gun in my shoe!


To all of those who ran in the Great North Run today I sincerely hope you had as pleasurable an experience and that you are now celebrating your victory.

Strength in Movement


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