Not Tyred

I would love to go to the gym but:

A) I don’t have time
B) It’s too expensive

So, apart from the usual cardio training of running where I take to the streets and swimming where I dive into the sea I have devised my own weight gym. It consists of 3 differently sized tyres and works very well.


I use them for lifting mostly and the 3 different sizes mean that I can increase the weight for the repetitions thus building intensity throughout the workout.

Also, in the near future they will double as running weights. I plan to fashion a harness so that I can drag 1, 2 or even all 3 tyres along the beach whilst running.

So, if you see a nutter dragging tyres along Longsands beach in Tynemouth then you know it’s me.

Also, this week I have thought long and hard about a mantra. I think every sporting individual has one and it helps to push through the tough times. So, my mantra is ‘Strength in Movement’. I’ll explain what it means to me in a later post.

I’ll update you further soon. Thanks for reading, following and subscribing. I’m forever grateful.


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