Comfort Zones

I was talking to my 8 year old son this week about comfort zones. We were at a theme park and where my 5 year old girl was happy to go on the fast, spinning rides my son was content on things that went slow, straight and preferably very close to the ground.

Earlier in the week they had both been to a climbing wall where my daughter managed to reach the top and my son got half way before becoming upset with himself.

I believe they both reached their own top. As my son is afraid of heights his achievement was getting off the ground in the first place. He pushed himself over what he was a comfortable with and so became very afraid. I believe he expanded his comfort zone quite a lot that day. I used this as an argument as to why he should go on a slightly fast ride or one that spun slowly but I think perhaps one accomplishment in a week was enough. He did get it though and I think he is proud that he took that one last step up the climbing wall.

My daughter on the other hand seems to have a comfort zone that expands on a daily basis as she seems to be afraid of nothing!

So it was today that I took some of my own advice and pushed myself to run further than I have done in years. It feels great to have accomplished it and I have proved that I have been going very easy on myself for some time now. I needed to push myself and, because I did this, my comfort zone has expanded once again.

If we stay within our comfort zone all the time we will never experience thrills, excitement and brave new accomplishments. So go out today and do something to get your heart racing and expand your comfort zone even if it’s just a little bit.



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