Running Pains

I went out this morning with good intentions of having a 5 mile run. As soon as my running shoes struck concrete a searing pain opened up in the lumbar region of my back.

This is not a new pain. I had an operation on my back in 2004 and as it didn’t entirely cure the problem I still suffer from frequent flare ups. Having said that, this mornings was unusually severe causing me to run hunched over with very sore strides. Painful and unpleasant.

Out of all the things that could stop me completing this challenge it is my back that makes me the most nervous. Most mornings I get a bit of a twinge in the lower back which is shaken off with a little bit of stretching and just yards into a run.

So, this is a concern. It is not an injury that will go away or can be easily fixed under the knife. I do have some medication which often takes the edge off although can make me drowsy which is not great for training purposes.

One thing is for sure. The longer I go without exercise the more painful my back becomes. I am confident that significant movement is the key to fighting the pain and the restriction. I know from my very own experience that this is the key. I think what I need to add to my routine is some strength and resistance training in order to help my core. I am not a fan of the gym but perhaps I need to start visiting one soon.

So, if you see me hobbling along like I’ve got my headphone wire trapped under my trainers now you know why.


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