Doubts & Fears

The enormity of what I have committed to has been smacking me around the face over the last couple of days. I have gone from feeling ecstatic and excited to nervous, worried and under-pressure. Not only have I committed to taking on 7Ironman distance triathlons over 7 days, I have committed to doing it from Lands End to John O’Groats and also I have told a very respectable charity, Children North East that I will raise a minimum of £50,000 for their great cause. Boom! It just hit me again. What am I doing? Is 2 years enough time to train? Will I be able to do it? Have I committed to raise too much money? All these questions and more keep racing through my mind.

But then I realise that these concerns are born out of wanting to achieve what I have set out to do. Of course I will put pressure on myself to do it and the reason that I have started to let everyone know what I am doing is so that I am committed. It would be so easy to back out or change the goal posts if I hadn’t told anyone.

So I resign myself to allow these thoughts to roam around, I understand that they are a natural mental reaction to the mammoth task I have set myself and that the nerves and tension are what will ultimately drive me forwards to complete the challenge.

I would be so grateful if once you have read this you could alleviate part of my nervousness by donating something, anything to Children North East. They do some fantastic work with children, young people and families in the region who live in poverty and do not necessarily have the same opportunities to achieve in life what some of us more fortunate people  do.



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