Weigh Over The Top

I am becoming obsessed with weighing myself.

It would be ok if it was just morning noon and night but it’s more like first thing when I wake up, again after my shower, every time before I eat, then after I eat, every time before and after I go to the loo and so it goes on.

Because of #7Days7Irons it is not a particularly unhealthy obsession. In fact what I am trying to do at this early stage is to work out what my body is up to and how what I intake and output affect my weight and other things that my nifty scales tell me, BMI and water content for example.

Weight is a consideration though. When I committed to doing 7Days I was 13 stone 12 pounds. For me to be able to maximise the amount of training I can do I need to shed some excess weight and get down to around 12 stone. I also need to make sure that I keep building the right kind of muscle and that this doesn’t put too much weight on.

I’m hoping at some point to be able to find a PT who, in exchange for lots of promotion and coverage during the next 2 years, will work with me to develop my fitness and push me forwards. I also need nutritional guidelines to follow so that I don’t find out in 12 months time I’ve been eating all the wrong stuff.

There is certainly one very obvious point about losing weight. A point that is often made but is perhaps drowned out by all the fad diets and weight loss programs out there . The point is: Eat less, Exercise more! It is stunningly and blindingly obvious isn’t it?

With that in mind I’m off for some breakfast. As I am not training this morning I will keep it to a grapefruit and a slice of lightly buttered toast.

By the way, they are not my feet in the photograph. I could not subject the Internet to an image of my feet for fear of having my blog closed down!


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